Some Mystery People Found

I first posted the names of my "mystery people" in 2002, hoping that someone would recognise some of them. Since then, some of these folks have indeed been connected to a larger part of the family. (Click the underlined name to go back to the main list.)

Mystery People Found -- Deaths 

Person Family Connection
Alexander M. Coubrough, d 1897, Hutchesontown, Glasgow Alexander was the youngest of nine children of James Coubrough (James C & Janet Adam) and Margaret Kennedy. Alex was married to Maggie Bremner.
Alice Margaret Coubrough, d. 1884 Kelvin, Glasgow Alice was the fifth of seven children of Anthony S. Coubrough (Anthony Park C and Hannah Butler) and Margaret A. Wallace. Little Alice died a week before her second birthday.
Barbara Coubrough,   d 1876, Eastwood, Renfrew Barbara, born February 10, 1808, was the seventh of eight known children of James Cowburgh and Jean Muir. She was a power loom weaver by trade, and had never married. 
Barbara Coubrough,   d 1880, Rutherglen, Lanark Barbara, born July 17, 1867, was the fifth of seven children of Malcolm Coubrough (Malcolm C & Ann/Agnes Mackinnon) and Mary Cameron. Barbara was just shy of her 14th birthday when she died. 
Barbara Coubrough,   d 1905, Bridgeton, Lanark Barbara was born about 1829, the fifth of six children of Agnes (aka Ann) MacKinnon and Malcolm Coubrough, son of James C & Jean Muir. She married Alexander McHutcheson, a "shearing factory mechanic," in about 1877. He had seven children by his first wife, Jean Craig, but Barbara had no children of her own. 
Bethia Coubrough,      d 1891, Maryhill, Glasgow Bethia was the natural daughter of Bethia Lancaster Coubrough (Daniel C & Mary Wylie). Baby Bethia was 11 months old when she died "of natural causes" on April 30, 1891.
Charles Gilroy Coubrough, d 1896, Eastwood, Renfrew Charles Gilroy and his twin sister, Essie Britton, were the eighth and ninth of twelve children of David Coubrough (Robert C & Mary Sandilands) and Mary S. Mackay Smith. The twins were six weeks old when they died.
Daniel Coubrough,      d 1898, Dennistoun, Glasgow Daniel was the third of seven children born to Daniel Coubrough (Wm. C & Bethia L. Macmillan) and Mary Wylie. The younger Daniel married Nellie Armstrong in 1891. 
Daniel Coubrough,      d 1902, Maryhill, Glasgow Daniel, born about 1843, was the second of three sons born to William Coubrough (Malcolm C & Cath McFarlane) and Bethia Lancaster Macmillan. Daniel and his wife, Mary Wylie, were the parents of the Daniel who died in 1898.  
Donald Anderson Coubrough, d 1889, Campsie, Stirling Donald and his twin sister, Mary Campbell Coubrough, are believed to have been the third and fourth of five children of James Coubrough (James Buchanan C & Mary Campbell) and Maggie Muir. Donald had not yet had his first birthday at the time of his death.
Donald Anderson Coubrough, d 1892, Blythswood, Glasgow Born June 30, 1891, Donald was the youngest of James Coubrough and Maggie Muir's five children. This Donald did not live to see his first birthday, either.
Elizabeth Fisher Coubrough, d 1918, Carluke, Lanark Elizabeth was the daughter of John Coubrough (John C & Isabella Taylor) and Elizabeth Fisher. Poor little Elizabeth was 14 days old when she died of cardiac failure on June 21, 1918.
Emily Janet Smith Coubrough, d 1902, St. Rollox, Glasgow Emily was the youngest of seven children of John Craig Coubrough (Robt C & Ann Craig) and Helen Stewart. Emily was 20 years old when she died of tuberculosis just after midnight on March 28, 1902.
Essie Britton Coubrough, d 1896, Eastwood, Renfrew Essie and her twin brother, Charles Gilroy, were the eighth and ninth of David Coubrough and Mary S. Mackay Smith's twelve children. Both twins died within hours of each other on August 16, 1896.
Euphemia Coubrough, d 1910, Barrhead & Levern, Renfrew Euphemia, wife of Stewart Raeburn, was the seventh of ten children of John Coubrough (John C & Euphemia S. Park) and Mary Ewing. Stewart and Euphemia had at least one daughter, another Euphemia, who married a man named McGettigan sometime before 1910.
Helen Wood Coubrough, d 1905, St. Rollox, Glasgow Helen was the youngest of Malcolm Coubrough (Malcolm C & Helen Wood) Agnes Mackie's seven children. Helen, who died of "cardiac valvular disease," was pre-deceased by her mother, her oldest brother, Malcolm, and her next older sister, Elizabeth Hunter Coubrough who had died with in a few months of Helen's birth. 
James Connell Coubrough, d 1912, Kilmarnock, Ayr James, a Customs Excise officer, was the husband of Williamina Smith, whom he had married in Glasgow in 1897, and with whom he had at least one son, William.
Jane Coubrough,         d 1903, Gargunnock, Stirling Jane Fulton Coubrough, b November 15, 1863, second of seven children of George Coubrough (John C & Christian Dun) and Sarah Gibson. Jane doesn't seem to have married, though she was an innkeeper (1891) and spirit dealer (1901). 
Janet Coubrough,        d 1902, Row, Dumbarton Janet, b about 1858, was the youngest of seven children of William Coubrough (Malcolm C & Jean Buchanan) and Margaret McEwan. Janet had married John Colquhoun, a farmer, in 1881 at Bonhill, Dumbarton, but I don't know if they had any children.
Jeanie Coubrough,      d 1913, Eastwood, Renfrew Jeanie was the fifth of six children of Mathew Gibb Coubrough (Mathew C & Jean Allan) and Margaret Dowall. Jeanie had married Robert Campbell in 1908, but they had no children.
Jemima Cowbrough,   d 1912, Dundee, Angus Jemima was the fifth of seven children of James Cowburgh, a commercial traveller, and his wife Elizabeth. The other children in the family were Margaret, Mary, Peter, Scott, Jemima, Isabella and Grace. Mary, Peter, and Scott all moved to the United States in the early 1900's, but I don't know who James's father was.
John Coubrough, d 1921, Strathblane, Stirling John Ellis Coubrough was the eldest of seven children of Anthony Park Coubrough (John C & Euphemia S. Park) and Hannah Butler. John is not known to have married.
Maggie Stevenson Cowbrough, d 1900, Anderston, Glasgow Maggie was the second of five children of Robert Stevenson Coubrough (James C & Margt Stevenson) and Eliza Carpenter. Robert and Eliza moved to Canada not long after Maggie died.
Malcolm Cameron Coubrough,  d 1910, Eastwood, Renfrew Malcolm was the son of Malcom Coubrough and Mary Livingston Fyfe, who had been married in 1903. Baby Malcolm was six months old when he died of meningitis just before midnight on September 12, 1910.
Margaret Steel Coubrough, d 1906, Eastwood, Renfrew Margaret was the wife of Samuel Waterson and the only daughter of Robert Coubrough (John C & Cath Andrew) and Margaret Clark MacDonald. 
Marion Cowan Young Coubrough, d 1922, Barrhead, Renfrew Marion, the natural daughter of Annie Knox Young, was a year old when she died of "tubercular peritonitis". At the time of her daughter's birth, Annie's husband, Alexander Coubrough, had been dead for at least 7 or 8 years. Marion's death certificate stopped short of calling her illegitmate, but did point out that her mother was a widow; no father's name was given.
Marion Coubrough,     d 1926, Cathcart, Renfrew Marion was the fifth of six children of James Coubrough (Malcolm C & Jean Buchanan) and his second wife, Margaret Smith. 
Mary Coubrough,       d 1903, Eastwood, Renfrew Born about 1827, Mary Sandilands, daughter of John Sandilands and Mary Cowan, had Mary first married William Gunn, who died shortly afterwards, leaving Mary with an infant daughter. In 1852, Mary remarried, to Robert Coubrough (John C & Cath Andrew), a young widower with four small children of his own. (Robert's first wife, Margaret C. MacDonald, had died about 1851.) Mary and Robert had three more children, only one of whom, David, seems to have survived childhood. Mary was 30 years old and had been married to Robert for only five years when he too died of "bronchitis." Poor Mary must have had enough of husbands, as she never took another one. Her son David eventually married Mary S. MacKay Smith.
Robert Coubrough, d 1891 St. Rollox, Glasgow In January 1891, Robert, eldest child of John Craig Coubrough and Helen Stewart, was the husband of Selina C. Findlay, and the father of two small children, with another on the way. An engine fitter by trade, he had been seriously ill with tuberculosis for at least a year, but it was a cardiac failure that took him in the end. Afterwards, his wife went home to her mother's house, taking the children with her, so that their grandmother could look after them while Selina went back to work. In 1902, Selina married Robert Dalgliesh Graham, and they had one daughter, Pearl. Selina died in 1920.
Robert Cowbrough, d 1891, Partick, Lanark Born 1864, Robert was the sixth of seven children of William Cowbrough (Henry C & Mary Wood) and Margaret Dawson. (Robert's twin sister was said to be the younger of the two.) Robert never married and died in the Gartmore Lunatic Assylum, in Partick.
Samuel Waterson Coubrough, d 1888, Eastwood, Renfrew Born 13 January 1887, Samuel Waterson Coubrough was the fourth of thirteen children of David Coubrough (Robert C & Mary Sandilands) and Mary S. Mackay Smith. Named after the husband of David's sister Margaret, little Samuel was only a year old at his death.
Samuel Kane Coubrough, d 1907, Shotts, Lanark Samuel Kane Coubrough was the 16 months old at his death from enteritis on 5 April 1907. The sad duty of reporting the boy's death fell to his guardian, John Kane. Little Samuel was the illegitmate son of one Annie Coubrough, and no father's name was specified. The best candidate for the mother seems to be Ann McLuckie Coubrough, born 1864, daughter of William Coubrough and Margaret Ure, but there is only circumstantial evidence to support this. Almost certainly the surname of the child's father was Kane; whether or not the father's given name was Samuel is open to debate.
Sarah Cowbrough,      d 1887, Gargunnock, Stirling Born about 1843, Sarah Gibson, married George Cowbrough (John C & Christian Dun) in 1861, in Glasgow. Sarah was a publican (tavern keeper), which business seems to have passed to her daughter Jane upon Sarah's demise.  
Thomas Coubrough,    d 1923, Scotstoun & Yoker, Lanark Thomas was the oldest of four children of John Coubrough (James C & Jean McIndoe) and Mary Muir. Thomas was a farmer all his life and never married.
Walter Coubrough,     d 1923, Cathcart, Renfrew Walter McFarlan Coubrough, a plumber by trade, was the third of nine children of William Coubrough (Wm. C & Bethia L. Macmillan) and Margaret McKim. He married Agnes Thomson in 1897, and they had four children. The eldest, Agnes, married Frederick Hodgkinson in 1889; third child, Walter, died in 1974; and the youngest, George, married a woman named Martin and had at least one son, another George. This younger George also married and had four children before he was lost at sea. All but the second of Margaret McKim's four children, a daughter named Margaret, moved to the United States before 1930.
William Harrison Coubrough, d 1898, Haddington, Haddington Eighth of eleven children of Walter Davidson Coubrough, basket maker, and Mary Milray, William was three years old when he died of Tabes Mesenterica on 19 April 1897, at 6:00 p.m. The English name of Tabes Mesenterica is tuberculosis of the mesenteric glands found in the abdominal cavity. William's father, Walter, was the son of John C and Mary Davidson, in the James C and Jonet Broun line.
William Hughes Coubrough, d 1906, Hutchesontown, Glasgow The son of Malcolm Coubrough and Catherine Hughes, William was only eight months old when he died of pneumonia, in his mother's arms, just before noon on October 25, 1906.
William John Coubrough, d 1926, Dennistoun, Glasgow William, sixth of seven children of John Craig Coubrough (Robt C & Ann Craig) and Helen Stewart, had married Mary Campbell Armstrong in 1925. Their one daughter, Margaret Mann Coubrough, was not more than a few months old when her father died on December 31, 1925, of cancer of the jaw. Baby Margaret herself would be only 20 when she died of tuberculosis in 1945.
Williamina Coubrough, d 1904, Dennistoun, Glasgow Williamina, aka Wilhelmina Thompson, was born about 1833, probably in Prestonpans, Haddington, the daughter of William Thompson and Jane Watson. She married John Coubrough, third of five children of John Coubrough and Mary McVean, 12 June 1857, in the Tradeston district of Glasgow. They had seven children, including Charles Purves Coubrough, who emigrated to Australia in the early 1880s. Williamina's husband, John Coubrough, had died of stomach cancer in 1901.
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